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GMNI is an association of legally independent accounting firms worldwide. Established over 30 years ago, it consists of local quality professional accounting firms providing in-depth advice on international business, taxation and management consulting services to companies worldwide.  

Merry Mullen is an active member of GMNI, its sole member in Ireland, with Declan Merry currently designated as Chairman of the European Region, having formerly served on the management committee.

GMNI is forged on creating strong links between the partners in its member firms. Our partners have regular face-to-face meetings with their overseas counterparts in GMNI, to continuously develop and update their knowledge of international business and tax opportunities. Through these close alliances, the difficulties in conducting and understanding international business are resolved without the high costs often associated with dealing with International firms.

We can assist businesses in areas such as:

  • Due diligence engagements
  • Legal and banking contacts
  • Management consulting
  • Local taxation
  • Accounting and audit compliance
  • Business organizations and reorganisations

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Going International

Going International

Are you looking to expand internationally? Many Irish businesses are looking overseas to develop growth opportunities. However, doing business in a foreign location can be a challenge. Like all important decisions, the better the planning and research, the more likely the chance of success.

The Merry Mullen team has expertise across a broad range of issues including:

  • Taxation
  • Company structure (e.g., branch or subsidiary)
  • Holding companies
  • Financing
  • Transfer pricing
  • Repatriation of profits
  • VAT
  • Employment issues
  • Local reporting requirements

Each business is different and therefore requires an individual approach. Merry Mullen can help you discover both the questions you need to ask and where to find the answers.

There are a number of options related to how you structure your business – in order to leverage the opportunities. Through our international contacts, we have the local knowledge to advise and guide you each step of the way. 

Irish business going to the UK

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Investing in Ireland

Investing in Ireland

Ireland has succeeded in attracting some of the world’s leading companies in the technology, pharmaceutical, biosciences, manufacturing and financial services sectors. Merry Mullen has the knowledge, experience and contacts to smooth the path for companies looking to invest in Ireland

Ireland captures a disproportionate amount of Foreign Direct Investment (‘FDI’) for good reason. There are many well-known benefits to doing business here, including:

  • Ireland’s low corporate tax rate – (12.5% on trading profits, which does not breach EU or OECD harmful tax competition criteria).
  • An extensive and competitive Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Attractive holding company regime, including participation exemption, withholding tax exemptions on dividends paid and unilateral credit on dividends paid
  • Tax relief on Intellectual property expenditure
  • Corporation exemption for start-up companies
  • Regulatory, economic and people infrastructure of a highly-developed OECD jurisdiction
  • A pro business and proactive environment with an engaged development agency ( )
  • Benefits of EU membership and the only English–speaking jurisdiction in the euro-zone
  • As a common law jurisdiction, our legal system is similar to that of the US and the UK
  • A highly skilled, flexible and educated workforce Very limited transfer pricing rules
  • An extensive and expanding double tax treaty network with 46 countries

At Merry Mullen we have the on-the-ground knowledge and experience of structuring to avail of these benefits. We have been assisting clients locate in Ireland since the 1970's and have developed extensive contacts, including with the inward investment agencies in Ireland and the top legal practices, to ensure you are in a position to avail of all of the advantages of doing business in Ireland.

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International Business Advisory
Whether you are an Irish business looking to expand abroad or an international business looking to set up in Ireland, Merry Mullen can help. As one of the most open economies in the world, Ireland draws investment from many large global brands – as well as enjoying continued expansion in the area of exports.

Merry Mullen has been ahead of the curve in this development, with international connections since the 1970s. We can offer our clients on-the-ground advice both at home and abroad.

We understand what it takes to complete business across borders. We understand how domestic and foreign trading rules and tax legislation interact with double tax agreements and what is needed to comply with transfer pricing requirements.

Any international expansion requires thorough planning and specialist local advice. We can guide you through this process and interact with local advisors in other jurisdictions.

Irish business going to the UK

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