Going International

Going International
Are you looking to expand internationally? Many Irish businesses are looking overseas to develop growth opportunities. However, doing business in a foreign location can be a challenge. Like all important decisions, the better the planning and research, the more likely the chance of success.

The Merry Mullen team has expertise across a broad range of issues including:

  • Taxation
  • Company structure (e.g., branch or subsidiary)
  • Holding companies
  • Financing
  • Transfer pricing
  • Repatriation of profits
  • VAT
  • Employment issues
  • Local reporting requirements

Each business is different and therefore requires an individual approach. Merry Mullen can help you discover both the questions you need to ask and where to find the answers.

There are a number of options related to how you structure your business – in order to leverage the opportunities. Through our international contacts, we have the local knowledge to advise and guide you each step of the way. 

Irish business going to the UK

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