Prosectutions for late filing of CRO Annual Returns


On Monday, October 14th 2013, dozens of companies have been summoned to appear in front of a District Court Judge to answer charges that they were late in filing one or more Annual Returns. These companies face fines of up to €2,500 + costs for each summons they are convicted on, and this is in addition to the usual CRO late filing penalties.

This is part of the CRO's on-going campaign to 'encourage' companies to file on time. Unfortunately, the CRO will not issue a list of all the companies that are to appear on October 14th, but we can advise that those required to attend have already received their summonses by now.

All companies must file annual retums annually. Any Company, or a Director of any company, which is even one year behind in filing its Annual Returns and accounts can potentially be Summonsed. Because these criteria create a very large group, the selection by for prosecution is as a direct result of the CRO’s “Integrated Enforcement Environment” (IEE). This provides that the severity of the enforcementmeasures employed by the CRO relate directly to a company’s annual return compliance history for the previous years. Essentially companies are ranked in terms of their recent compliance history, with the level of late filing fees levied also taken into consideration. The more non-compliant a company has been, the more likely is the possibility of being summonsed.

We can assist you by preparing any outstanding returns along with dormant accounts (audited/un-audited) where appropriate. Through our Company Secretarial Maintenance service, we can also ensure that you never have to worry about filing annual returns again. And where a company has come to the end of its natural life we can also arrange for a Voluntary Strike Off or a Members Voluntary Winding Up so that you do not have the on-going costs of keeping up to date. 

For further details on any of these services contact our Company Secretarial Team at We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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