Merry Mullen Timeline

  • 1945 Merry Mullen was established by Christopher Merry and Sean Mullen
  • 1954 Brian Merry joined Merry Mullen as a young student
  • 1960 Sean Mullen left the business
  • 1963 Brian Merry became Christopher Merry’s business partner
  • 1970 Christopher Merry retired. Brian was joined by subsequent partners, namely Frank Lynch and then David Best
  • 1999 Declan Merry joined the firm from Deloitte
  • 2002 Declan Merry was made partner
  • 2004 Pat Hoyne, who has known Declan from Deloitte, joined Merry Mullen
  • 2007 Pat Hoyne became Partner
  • 2021 Aisling Yates joined Merry Mullen from BDO
  • 2024 Aisling Yates became Partner

About Merry Mullen

Merry Mullen have been guiding clients through the course of running their business since 1945.  During this time we have developed a reputation for technical excellence delivered by our highly experienced team. 

We provide a wide range of services including Audit, Accounting, Tax, Business Advisory, Company Secretarial, Payroll & Bookkeeping Services.

We believe our success is underpinned by our long-standing relationships with our clients, some 2nd and 3rd generation clients, through the delivery of an exceptional client service.

Our primary focus is about getting to know our clients personally, understanding their business now and where they want to be in the future and providing them with the support they need to get there.