Investing in Ireland

Ireland has succeeded in attracting some of the world’s leading companies in the technology, pharmaceutical, biosciences, manufacturing and financial services sectors. Merry Mullen has the knowledge, experience and contacts to smooth the path for companies looking to invest in Ireland

Ireland captures a disproportionate amount of Foreign Direct Investment (‘FDI’) for good reason. There are many well-known benefits to doing business here, including:

  • Ireland’s low corporate tax rate – (12.5% on trading profits, which does not breach EU or OECD harmful tax competition criteria).
  • An extensive and competitive Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Attractive holding company regime, including participation exemption, withholding tax exemptions on dividends paid and unilateral credit on dividends paid
  • Tax relief on Intellectual property expenditure
  • Corporation exemption for start-up companies
  • Regulatory, economic and people infrastructure of a highly-developed OECD jurisdiction
  • A pro business and proactive environment with an engaged development agency ( )
  • Benefits of EU membership and the only English–speaking jurisdiction in the euro-zone
  • As a common law jurisdiction, our legal system is similar to that of the US and the UK
  • A highly skilled, flexible and educated workforce
  • Very limited transfer pricing rules
  • An extensive and expanding double tax treaty network with 46 countries